Psychology 399 Group Research Internship
             Student-Designed Independent Study in Psychological Research (Psyc 360)
                                             Supervisor: Mark Stasson

     Students will work collectively (Psyc 399) or individually (Psyc 360) under the supervision of Mark Stasson to produce a professional level
research project in Social Psychology.  Social Psychology is a prerequisite, so students should be familiar with relevant topics (plus, you can
always review your social psychology textbook, or a similar book in the library or Psychology Lab)

     The internship/independent study would require students to complete all steps in the research process from identifying a topic, developing
an idea and finding background theory/research, designing a study, collecting data, analyzing  the results, and writing a formal research report in APA format.
While not required, students are encouraged to disseminate research findings by presenting the research at a conference, publishing the paper, or
posting the paper at the CPR website.

     PREREQUISITES:  (1) Psyc 336 (Social Psychology)  AND   (2) either  Psyc 312 (Research Methods) or  Psyc 307 (Data Analysis)

Sample Syllabus (Click here)

Examples of Past Projects:
1.  The effects of gender stereotypes on occupational judgments. K. Kleyman, J. Souza, & K. Gjerswold.(Presented at the meeting of the American Psychological Society, Chicago)
2.  Affective and cognitive attitude components in behavioral prediction.  S. Bourquin  (Presented at the meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago)
3.  The group dilemma questionnaire. K. Irving.  (Presented at the meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago)
4.  Persuasion and influence through authority and social proof..  Antoine Valley.
5.  The effect of online media source on message persuasiveness.  J. Paasch & I. Siegel (Presented at the meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago)
6.  Social-cognitive determinates of safety actions: seat belt use.  S. Bourquin  (Presented at the meeting of the Minnesota Psychological Association, Bloomington)
7.  Individual and situational differences in procrastination.  J. Hernick  
8.  Motivation and self-regulation.  N. Walter  (work in progress)

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