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NEW (Posted November, 2015): Program for the 2015 Psychology Research Colloquium (11/21/15)   Research Abstracts 

NEW (Posted May, 2015): Metro State Students Present Research at Midwestern Psychological Association Conference

NEW (Posted April, 2015): Center to publish Applied Psychological Bulletin - an outlet for student research, submit your work now

NEW (Posted April, 2015): 30 Metro State Students Present 24 Research Projects at Minnesota Undergraduate Research Conference (MUPC)

Coming Soon!! -- Research Focus.  Each Focus will highlight a recent publication along with comments from the author and commentaries.

(Posted December, 2014): Nancy Walter Receives Award for Distinguished Service to Student Researchers

(Posted November, 2014): Program for the 2014 Psychology Research Colloquium (11/22/14)
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Posted March, 2014): Metro Students Attend Society for Personality and Social Psychology Conference (SPSP)

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M. A. focus in Applied Social Psychology at Metropolitan State

      The Mission of The Center for Psychological Research (CPR) is to support psychological research and
the dissemination of research findings.
 The CPR facilitates psychological, social, and behavioral research efforts,
particularly in diverse urban communities.  The CPR supports research by the faculty and students at Metropolitan
State University, but individuals at other institutions and in other areas are affiliated with the Center.  Anyone
conducting psychological, social, or behavioral research, particularly in urban contexts, may seek affiliation with the Center. 

The CPR is hosted by Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul-Minneapolis, MN; affiliates are located in several locations
around the U.S.  The CPR acknowledges support from the College of Health, Community, & Professional Studies at Metro State.

The Director of the CPR is Mark Stasson.  Findings and opinions archived in the CPR are those of the authors and do NOT
necessarily reflect the views of Metropolitan State University.
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